Plan of Service


Drayton Valley Library is the gateway to journeys of discovery by providing lasting, meaningful connections between people and ideas, lifestyle and learning, culture and community.


Drayton Valley Library enriches lives by pulling together the services, resources, and programs that incite imagination, encourage social engagement, inspire exploration of ideas, and launch journeys of discovery.


Our values reflect who we are and who we aspire to be. Values define the culture of our organization and express our commitment to achieving high standards of personal and professional service to the community.  We are:
Accessible & Approachable: We value our patrons, treating them with compassion and care. We as professionals appreciate the opportunity to serve those who rely on our knowledge and expertise and enjoy giving them tools to succeed in their endeavors. Their success is our success!
Receptive & Responsive: We realize that change and challenge inevitably lead to innovation and improvement. Our willingness to accept and adapt to evolutions in our environment helps us remain relevant to the community and patrons we serve.
Innovative & Inclusive: We commit ourselves and our efforts to exploring new, creative concepts. Our library is an idea lab, where people explore concepts and discover possibilities. We provide a forum for respectful conversation on subjects that matter to community residents. Creativity is limited only by the scope of imagination.
Diverse & Supportive: We respect and value unique perspectives that contribute to the culture of our workplace and community. Shared personal journeys, experiences, and interests strengthen and support those we work with and serve. We are stronger, more resilient, and more successful when we pull together.
Fun & Friendly: We believe in individual freedom to explore personal interests. Our library is a discovery zone where people are free to explore a world of information and share in the joy of learning. We provide fun, friendly services and programs that excite and encourage!

Plan of Service 2021-2025
Plan of Service 2016-2020
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Drayton Valley Library always welcomes your feedback.  If you want to suggest a change and make your voice heard please email your ideas to us!