World Read Aloud Day Fun

World Read Aloud Day Items:

WRAD Bookmarks (colouring)

WRAD Bookmarks (writing)

WRAD Bookmarks (in colour)

WRAD Bookmark (from Scholastic)

WRAD Virtual Backgrounds (from Scholastic)

WRAD Reading Crown Instructions

WRAD Reading Companions (from Scholastic)

WRAD Book Picks for Kids (from Scholastic)

My Very Favourite Book In the Whole Wide World (video from Scholastic)

BookFlix about BIKES (from Scholastic)

BookFlix about COLOURS (from Scholastic)

BookFlix about COWS (from Scholastic)

BookFlix about MARTIN LUTHER KING JUNIOR (from Scholastic)

WRAD Virtual Bookshelf (listen to or tell a story)

WRAD Story In The Round (oral storytelling)

WRAD It Happened to Me (oral storytelling)

WRAD A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (oral storytelling)

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