Summer Reading Program for Teens

How does Teen SRC 2020 (Summer Reading Chat) work? 

1. If you are 13-17 years old, register by direct messaging the library on Instagram: @dvlibrary (Or contact Librarian Verna if you don’t have Instagram: e-mail or call 780-514-2722) 

2. Get reading!  Rank your reads to find out which book will win the “Battle Over Summer Supremacy” to become your BOSS book!  Post your BOSS Book Rankings to Instagram!  If you have a public account, consider using the hashtag: #dvteensrc .  We are following the hashtag – you can too, to see what others are reading.  If you would like your picture posted to our Instagram page, please direct message the picture to @dvlibrary.  We would love to post your picture!  Here are a few examples of pictures you might post to show your book ranking:

3. Direct message @dvlibrary when you finish reading a book – please include the title of the book in your message, where you are ranking it, and why it gets that rank on your BOSS Book Rankings.  

4. Each time you message us that you have finished reading a book your name will go into a draw!  We will be drawing once a week for a FREE 3D PRINT from the library.  You can choose the design – send us the STL file.  (Up to a $20 value – cost is $0.10 per gram.)  You can only win the 3D print once, but keep reading because… 

5. …we will have a grand prize draw at the end of the summer!  The grand prize is TBA, but will likely be a gift certificate, allowing you to decide what you want to purchase!  (There will also be a participation prize for everyone.) 

6. Watch Instagram each week for our “IMO Question” of the week.  This question will be something that can be answered by reading any book and lets us talk about our own lives too!  Get ready - we’ll be chatting about it in our… 

7. …weekly Instagram Room meeting on Wednesdays from 3-4pm.  Hopefully you can make it – it’s the only way we are currently allowed to meet together.  But if you can’t join us in the virtual meetings, please keep on reading and ranking!