Summer Reading Program for Adults

How does Adult SRC 2020 (Summer Reading Connection) work? 

1. Register by requesting to join the private Facebook group: DVLibrary Adult SRC (or contact Librarian Verna if you don’t have Facebook:  email or call 780-514-2722) 

2. Set a personal reading goal for the summer.  This can be anything you want to accomplish – but don’t go crazy!  Make your goal a reachable goal so that you can be successful.  Doesn’t matter what goals other people are setting.  You know yourself and what you and your lifestyle can handle.  

3. Pick a minimum of five reading challenges from the Reading Challenge List.  There are easier ones and harder ones so everyone should be able to do at least five reading challenges this summer.  (The list will be posted in the Facebook group.) 

4. Make your introductory post to the Facebook group where you let us know who you are, your reading preferences, the five challenges you picked, and your personal reading goal. 

5. Keep us updated within the Facebook group as to how you are doing.  Are you finding it easy or hard to get reading?  Did you read something fabulous that you want to share with us?  Or do you want to warn us off something?  Let’s encourage each other towards reaching our goals! 

6. Join us on Monday nights from 7-8pm in our Facebook Room if you want to connect in a visual & audible way.  This is a chance to touch base with each other and share how our summer reading journeys are going.  We’d love to see your face – but we understand if you are trying to have less screen time.  Maybe you are too busy reading to join us!  That’s okay too. 

7. Remember those reading challenges?  At the end of the summer there will be a Reading Challenge Bingo Game.  If you are able to colour in 5 accomplished challenges in a row, you are a winner!  There will also be opportunity to continue working on your bingo card throughout the fall/winter to work towards a reward.  More to come about that later.