Family Literacy Activities 2022

In honour of Family Literacy Day (Jan. 27), pick up your FREE adventure journal at the library starting January 3.  Participate in activities hosted by the library and local organizations.  Create your own adventures too!  Details below or in the journal.  Prizes involved!

FREE Wonderful Winter Activities from DV Library:

Jan. 5-16: Book Walk @ Discovery Park

Jan. 12: Frozen Suncatcher Kits @ DVLibrary (until kits run out)

Jan. 19-31: Read the Riddles Hunt @ Discover Park

Jan. 27: Dramatic Family Mad Libs @ Rotary Park (4-5pm)

Feb. 2-22 Art Exhibit @ DVLibrary / Two Photo Challenge (submit photos to

Feb. 7: Skating Party @ Civic Centre Rink (1:30-3pm)

Feb. 7: Snowman Kits @ DVLibrary (until kits run out)

Feb. 7-Mar. 4: Snow Sculpture Contest (submit photos to

Feb. 9: Dramatic Family Mad Libs @ Rotary Park (1-2pm)

Feb. 20: Book Walk @ DVLibrary (part of Fire & Ice Festival)


1)      Make sure you finish your cover and put your name on it!  (Use one journal per family or one journal per person – your choice.)

2)      There are fun ideas and booklet activities to do at the beginning and end of your journal.

3)      The centre of your journal is the place to record your family’s outdoor adventures.  These are what earn you prizes.  Each time you do an outdoor activity together as a family, record your adventure using words and / or pictures (whatever’s most appropriate).  The activity needs to be a little more than heading out to the car or walking to the mailbox!  You can record two adventures on each side of your journal pages.  You have until the end of March 2022 to complete your outdoor adventures for prizes!

4)      There are literacy activities to do at the bottom of your journal pages.  Check them off if you do them.  (No points for these, but they are fun!)

5)      Visit the library during the last week each month to claim your prizes. (Jan 24-31, Feb 22-28, Mar 28-Apr 2). Then continue adding more adventures to your journal!  Adventures are cumulative – you can only earn each prize once per family:

              6 adventures – hot chocolate

              12 adventures - jigsaw puzzle

       18 adventures - read aloud book series                         

24 adventures – at home movie pack