Battle of the Books on Quizizz

The Game Code is 211723 @ 5:00 pm

The books that are included in the 2020 Mini Battle of the Books are:

  • Bat and the Waiting Game  -  by Elana K. Arnold
  • The Brilliant Deep  -  by Kate Messner
  • Cute as an Axolotl  -  by Jess Keating
  • Dr Snow Has Got To Go  -  by Dan Gutman *It should really say “Dr.” but “Dr” is nicer in Quizizz 😊
    • Video
  • Hissy Fitz  -  by Patrick Jennings
  • Jumping Off Library Shelves  -  by Lee Bennett Hopkins
  • Lets Get Cracking  -  by Cyndi Marko  *I know it should really say “Let’s” but “Lets” is nicer in Quizizz 😊
  • The Maze of Bones  -  by Rick Riordan
  • Meet Tom Longboat  -  by Elizabeth Macleod
  • Me Toma and the Concrete Garden  -  by Andrew Larson  *No comma for Quizizz 😊

For a correct answer in Quizizz type all titles as above: no punctutation, capitals are optional, spelling must be correct.

All books may be requested by calling Drayton Valley Library at 780-514-2722, however delivery is not guaranteed