Code Club

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Code Clubs will be done over Zoom from home.  You can either show both the Zoom screen and the coding screen on the same device OR choose to use two devices - one to run the coding and one to run Zoom.  If this doesn't work for you, please talk to our programmer, Verna, to see alternative arrangements can be made.

For Code Club 1.0, you will need to create a Scratch account which can be done here:  

For Code Club 2.0, you will need to create a Trinket account which can be done here:

Thanks to our partner, Kids Code Jeunesse, for making this possible.  

FREE - Registration Required

Fall Session: October & November 2022

Spring Session: February & March 2023

To register, fill out the online form here or chat with a service specialist in person or by calling 780-514-2722.

Questions?  Contact our programmer, Verna: