Homework Help

Twice a week, we are live on Facebook, giving you helpful hints when it comes to education from kindergarten to grade nine.  

More Math Games! (using card decks & dice)  

(Especially from "Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks" - check out free resources on their website.)

Tues. Apr. 6 - Integer Games (Addition & Subtraction)

Thurs. Apr. 8 - Integer Games (Multiplication & Division)

Tues. Apr. 13 - Exponent Games

Homonym Games (print these or make your own)

Thurs. Apr. 15 - Homonym Basics

Tues. Apr. 20 - Homonym Games (Name That Picture & What Does It Mean?)

Thurs. Apr. 22 - Homonym Games (Spell It & Spell That Homonym)

Tues. Apr. 27 - Homonym Games (Give Me All Three & Give Me All Four)

Thurs. Apr. 29 - TBA

Do you have an academic concept you would like featured?  Would you like some one-on-one help?  Would you like to volunteer to play the games on Facebook live?  Contact our programmer, Verna: