Get Your Zoom Privileges

Zoom Registration

Since some programs will be held virtually through Zoom, there are a few steps to get your "Zoom library privileges" set up.  You can watch the video as it also shows how to enable your Zoom privileges.

Step #1  - Download Zoom
  • For a computer (desktop / laptop)
  • For a device (phone / tablet):
    • download the Zoom app to your device through your app store (Zoom Cloud Meetings)
Step #2 - Zoom Account

Create a Zoom account.  Through your app or client you will choose "Sign In."  DO NOT choose "join a meeting." We have set our security high for the safety of our participants and we don't share out Meeting IDs.  We only invite individuals who have been made Zoom contacts with the library into our meetings.  To do this, you must have a Zoom account.

There are three ways to create a Zoom account.  You choose your preference.  They will all work the same way.

  1. Sign In with Google - if you already have a Google account this may work for you.
  2. Sign In with Facebook - if you have a Facebook account you may want to choose this.
  3. Sign Up for Free - you will use your email and create a password to have a Zoom account.  Following this, you will "Sign In" using that email and the password that you create.
Step #3 - Zoom Library Contact

Get invited to be a Zoom library contact.  Once you have your Zoom app or client downloaded and you have set up your Zoom account, please fill out this form.  You will then be invited to be Zoom contact. Please fill in your preferred email address on the registration form. Watch for a "Contact Request" to pop up from either Rotary Children's Library or DV Library Main Branch, or look in the Chat section of your Zoom app or client for the contact request.  Please accept the request. 

Step #4 - Practice Meeting

Time permitting, Verna or Ginny will "invite" you to a meeting to ensure that your technology is working correctly.  You will need to have your Zoom app opened and signed in.  It will be like you are getting a "Zoom call" from Rotary Children's Library or DV Library Main Branch.  You will see a green ACCEPT button and a red DECLINE button.  You know which one to choose!

If you have never used Zoom before, remember to allow Zoom to use both your video and audio.  Again, we require this for the safety of our meetings - we want to meet you!

Each time there is a program, make sure you have your Zoom app opened and signed in and you will receive a Zoom call.  Choose ACCEPT to join the meeting!

Just like coming to the "real" library, you'll need to remember your manners in the "virtual" library.  If someone is forgetting their manners, they may be removed from the Zoom meeting - temporarily or permanently, depending on the behavior.  We need to remember that others are "sharing" this "virtual space."  Thanks!