ABC 123 Concept Time For Preschoolers

Email our programmer, Verna, to register for this program for preschoolers.

Example of concepts covered: colours, shapes, numbers, opposites, letters, etc.

Fri. March 5: Red & Green

*You will need to print off & colour this color wheel (or make your own - colours in the same spots).  We will use the colour wheel all month.  You will also need to have crayons (especially green & brown), red paper (or colour some paper red), scissors, glue, and white paper.

Fri. March 26: Purple & Yellow

*You will need your colour wheel (from March 5), pencil, eraser, some purple paper, some yellow paper, some green paper (optional), some white paper, scissors, white glue, and a stapler.

Fri. April 2: Cancelled

Fri. April 9: Orange & Blue

*You will need your colour wheel (from March 5), crayons (especially orange & black), watercolour paint (especially blue), painting supplies (brushes, water, etc), some white paper, and these playing pieces printed and cut out.

Fri. April 16: Black & White

*You will need your colour wheel (from March 5), a black & white die (or dice), some black paper, some white paper, a pencil, scissors, and glue.  

Fri. April 23: High & Low

*You will need a piece of paper, a paper plate (cut in half), paint & painting supplies, glue, scissors, feathers, orange paper, long strip of corrugated cardboard, string, black marker, and google eyes (optional).

Fri. April 30: Fast & Slow

*You will need some toy animals (about ten different animals if you can), two or three toy cars (small ones), a cardboard box (shoebox size or larger), a piece of non-flimsy cardboard that is narrower than the width of the box but a bit longer (maybe 15cm) than the box, a ruler, and maybe some cardboard cutting scissors. 

Fri. May 7: Early & Late