Funding Structure

Public libraries are not-for-profit charitable organizations that rely almost entirely on financial support from government and partners to sustain high quality services and program offerings to community residents.

Provincial, Regional and  Municipal funding for Public Libraries in Alberta

Funding Structure

Drayton Valley Libraries are funded by:

  • Service grants from local municipal councils (Town of Drayton Valley, and Brazeau County),
  • Operational funding grant from the Government of Alberta based on municipal per-capita rates,
  • Agreements with associated library and school boards (Yellowhead Regional Library Board, Parkland County Library Board and STAR Catholic School System),
  • Other grant sources (to supplement payroll, capital projects or other operational initiatives)  
  • Operational revenues (fines and service fees at cost of supplies)
  • Donations from community businesses and library patrons.

The following chart shows Drayton Valley Library’s operational funding sources over the last 10 years (2009-2019):

Analysis of Drayton Valley Library’s Financial Structure: A 10-Year Assessment of Funding Sources

Funding Breakdown

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